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The Family Business Executive Forum™ Presents

Close the Gap and Create Your Most Impactful Company Culture

How Family Leaders Can Work Together to Weave Innovation and Legacy Even When You’re At a Generational Standstill

Live via Zoom  |  Tuesday, June 25th  |  12pm - 1pm ET 

Do you feel like your family business is sometimes a tug-of-war between differing values and opinions about work?

 You may have older generations who feel the younger members just don't care enough about the company's legacy. There may be senior leaders who feel the next gen just doesn’t want to “work hard enough.” Or perhaps you're younger and feel that your own dreams for your life and your well-being are often sidelined for the business's bottom line. You know in your heart that you can bring an innovative approach to work into the business, but you’re at a wall. 

RSVP Now to Join Us Live via Zoom  |  Tuesday, June 25th  |  12pm - 1pm ET 

If this sounds like your family, please join us at our next Family Business Executive Forum with special guest Monica Clare, who will bring her experience in family business and her dedication to helping individuals and businesses reach their potential and transform their organizational culture.

You'll Learn:

  • Understanding Each Other Better

    We'll help you understand the true “why’s” behind Baby Boomers who might prioritize hard work and legacy, while Millennials and Gen Z seek balance and social impact and how the two can actually compliment each other.
  • Talking It Out

    We know these conversations are tough, but they're also necessary. Learn how to approach sensitive topics with empathy and openness, ensuring everyone at the table is valued and heard. 

  • Harmonizing Goals

    Discover how to align your personal aspirations with the family business’s goals, and how you can support your teams to do the same. Realize that it is possible to honor the past while eagerly stepping into the future. We'll discuss how.

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This is an honest, heart-to-heart conversation where we'll discuss the elephants in the room. The taboos that often lead to the misunderstandings that drive wedges in family businesses. Together, we’ll explore why these generational divides exist and how we can turn them into bridges.

Join if you're tired of the same old strategy advice and are looking for real talk that leads to real change. This conversation is crucial for those who believe in the power of unity and are ready to take the first step toward understanding each other and enriching both your family and your business.


Speaker Panel

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Monica Clare



Monica Clare combines her expertise in finance and mediation with global experience and a robust educational background. She started her career in finance with firms like Coopers and Lybrand and Rogers Cablesystems, and worked in her own family business. Monica holds an Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Schulich School of Business, among other qualifications. She has taught at various academic institutions, and now focuses on helping companies enhance their corporate cultures and achieve sustainable success.

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Chris Yonker

Founder, The Center for Conscious Living and Fulfillment


Chris Yonker employs a unique blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, philosophy, trauma-informed practices, and ancient wisdom to drive transformative results in family businesses. His approach promotes deep healing and success within organizations. Chris’s  expertise is rooted in his deep commitment to personal growth, martial arts, meditation, and mysticism, making a significant impact in the field of family business consulting.

The Family Business Executive Forum

The Family Business Executive Forum is a series of exclusive virtual gatherings designed specifically for family business leaders and their advisors. These forums serve as a platform to bring together the best expert advisors from around the world to share their insights on the most important topics in family business leadership. Addressing family business challenges requires a different approach. We recognize that without addressing the human dynamics within family businesses, it's nearly impossible to touch the strategic side effectively.

RSVP Now to Join Us Live via Zoom  |  Tuesday, June 25th  |  12pm - 1pm ET